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Siteseed Developer`s Repository

This site is a repository of siteseed information targeted to siteseed developers. It will feature documentation, tutorials, whitepapers, and much more.

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What is Siteseed?

Siteseed is a software platform for web development and content management, for both Internet and Intranet environments. It is an easy to use group work tool enabling the smooth handling of complex websites including content development, maintenance and management. With Siteseed you are able to develop all the components of a website by just using a web browser. This includes the entire visual aspect of the website as well as its functions and contents. The user management allows you to assign access levels according to the role a member of your project team is supposed to perform. Want to learn more about siteseed? Visit or respectively.

Static Section Pages The Static Section Page (Static Section) feature allows mapping of html pages to sections. These html pages may be placed/stored in any directory within the site root of your siteseed installation. The only exception are siteseed system directories (e.g. bo).

$ifcontent$ Macro The new $ifcontent$ macro allows to create dynamic layouts depending on content of article fields.

FCK Editor FCK Editor ( is now available as Siteseed Module and can be used to replace the current visual editor. It's an external module, because it's licenced under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL).

$php$ Macro The $php$ macro allows to execute PHP code in layouts. A set of PHP macro functions allows to access data of all other conventional macros quite easily.

Component Types The current siteseed release offers features not yet covered by the official documentation. One of these features are component types. They e.g. extend comon editor fields by predefined default content and a lot of other things.

Sitelib Documentation Sitelib is a library that encapsulates code that is often used in siteseed interfaces. This includes mainly database queries in order to achieve a higher level of abstraction and to be more independent of possible database changes in the future. This article explains all library functions and provides examples for their proper usage.

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